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Done BCA, What’s Next???

Hello everyone. I am writing this article after hearing many of the students and their parents getting worried about the future or what to do after BCA. I am mentioning the best options to choose after BCA as per my knowledge, and experience. I have gone through many articles and videos on the internet and came to know about the best career options after BCA. I am explaining all thepossibilities to choose the career.

1. Apply for Jobs:

Most of the students have financial issues or not interested in studying further so they look for job. Students can apply for government jobs. They can prepare for competitive exams for 2-3 months and then they can apply for government jobs like Railways, Banks, Insurance, Police and so on.

2. Freelance Programmer:

This option is good for the students with financial crisis and want to support their parents financially. They can work for some private companies and gain the knowledge and experience in languages like C,C++, Java, PHP,Web Designing. Initially they will find it hard to survive as the salaries offered by private companies are meager and almostnon-existent. But after 1-2 years experience they can get the freelance work from many online websites and can have their own clients. After 3-4 years, one can easily earn 20-25000 INR from a job and can earn 10000 INR or more from freelance projects monthly.

But the interested candidate opting for this option should be eager to learn and have some patience and should begood in programming to opt for this option

3. Teaching Job:

This option is best for those who want to stay close to their parents or have the restrictions from family to stay in the same city with their parents. The students can go for teaching profile job. They can apply in colleges for Professors job or can look for job in private institutes.The institutes that providesthe industrial training to college students can use talented students. One can also open their own private institutes but its better if they have some experience before doing that.

But it is better to study further and complete their Masters first before thinking for this career option.

4. Job + Degree:

There are many IT companies that provide the opportunity to work with them as well as gives the student a chance to complete their post graduations along side.

  1. One of the IT giant company WIPRO has a programmer(WAS) where the students are offered the MCA degree.
  2. Other It giant company TCS offers IGNITE where the students can have M Tech degree along side their job. The M tech degree providedby BITS (Birla Institute of Technology and Science,Pilani)
  3. The links to these offers will be available at the bottom of this article

5. Further Studies in Computer Applications:

I will urge all the article viewers whether the parents or the kids to please have some patience and study further as BCA is not good enough to enter the Working world. Its better to continue the study further and do the MCA form best ranked Colleges like NIT or JNU. The job placements from these institutes are very good and at very high pay scale.

Don’t be short-sighted and think about next 1-2 year. Plan Big and focus on career for next 20-30 years. You will have your whole life to work, so its better to study and study hard. Focus on gaining practical knowledge as compared to getting good grades only.

The links for Job + Degree programmer offeredby IT companies are:


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