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History of Programming Language

History & Knowledge About Programming

The earliest programming langauge began with binary number system of 0 and 1. The binary numbers have only base 2 that is only 0 and 1 are allowed so it took very large value to represent even a small number. for example decimal value 16 will be represented in binary with 5 digit number that is 10000. To overcome this problem, the assembly languages were introduced where one have to remember the mnemonic codes(MOT) which are punched as input in computers using punch cards. This mnemonic code is then passed to assembler to convert in binary. The translator, assembler was used which was capable of remembering limited number of opcodes(operation codes). In 8085 microprocessor there were 256 opcodes which could be used.

Then the invention of special translators like compiler and interpreter made it easier to enter large number of opcodes without even remebering them and using simple language to feed the input to computer. Compiler is a special software that is used to translate a program written in one specific language to binary language and vice versa. Interpreter does the same task but interpreter is a line by line compiler and stops at the 1st error found in the program and the remaining set of lines are ignored by the interpreter.

The programming languages like C, C++, Java, PHP uses the compiler to compile the programs.

The programming languages like Java, VB, uses the interpreter to compile the program.

In Simple words, the compiling and interpreting means converting the code written in one language to computer understandable language that is binary language.

The programming languages are inspired from the natural language like English.

Some of the similarities between Natural and Programming Languages are:

  1. In English language, we use .(dot) to end the statement where as in C,C++ programming language we use ;(semi colon) to end the statement.
  2. In English language the grammer has the same importance as the syntax in Programming Language.
  3. In English Language the paragraphs are used to represent set of lines or blocks, in programming language, the same thing is achieved by the  { }.

programming, c, c++

Most of the programming languges are case sensitive that is they will differentiate the meaning of same word in upper and lower case. For example: the word city or CITY is same for us as the spelling is same and the meaning is same but programming languages are built on ASCII code so they will have different meaning of city and CITY. Most of the programming languages follow lower case syntax.

Now a days if someone wants to choose programming as a career whether it is Web Programming, Windows Programming, or Application Programming. I will recommend them to begin with C and C++ language. First build something in these languages like small Management System, Data Entries and Management in these languages and then they can switch to any language of their likings. If a person is good in C,C++ programming then they already know the 50% of any language. In new languages they only have to learn the syntax and new things that the language can do.


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